• High-quality aluminum for durability
  • Lightweight for no noticeable additional weight
  • Ideal monopod and pole attachment for action cameras
  • Made for use with GoPro and other action cameras
  • Multiple camera mounting capability
  • Life-time warranty

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The Freewell Quick Release Plate is designed to provide a convenient and efficient way to connect a single or multiple action cameras to a monopod or pole. This efficiently designed accessory allows users to attach 2 GoPro or 1 GoPro and 1 mobile smartphone at the same time. Quick-release mechanism make camera installing and uninstalling an easy task.


The Freewell Quick Release Plate is designed for:

  • Efficiency – The quick release mechanism is lightweight and does not require a tool to be used. The design of the quick release mechanism allows for easy change of cameras and mobile smartphones from the camera mount on the monopod.
  • Convenience – The easy attaching and detaching features of this accessory make it a top choice for outdoor use when you wish to use multiple GoPro cameras or mobile smartphones simultaneously.
  • Safety – The quick release plate is made from high-quality aluminum for providing lightweight and durability in functioning.

The Freewell Quick Release Plate is designed for use with GoPro camera and mobile smartphones. It allows you to attach multiple cameras and mobile smartphones to the pole or monopod at the same time and get steady footage.