• Ideal replacement solution for stronger and reliable thumbscrew for standard GoPro accessories and equipments
  • High-grade materials used for added durability and efficiency
  • Easy attachment/detachment solution for GoPro cameras and accessories
  • Made for use with a wide range of GoPro cameras and accessories
  • Pack contains – long thumb knob (1x), short thumb knob (2x) and wrench tool (1x)
  • Life-time warranty

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The Thumbscrew Set Screw Kit and Wrench from Freewell are designed to provide an easy and safe way to keep your cameras and accessories attached to the mounts. This set of thumbscrews and wrench allows you to attach and detach a wide range of accessories and cameras from GoPro.


The Thumbscrew Set Screw Kit and Wrench from Freewell is:

  • Durable – The thumbscrews and wrench are made from high-grade, strong and highly-rigid aluminum alloy and stainless steel to provide strength to the camera mount. The lightweight material allows the thumbscrews to tighten the camera or accessory effectively to the mount.
  • Efficient – The thumbscrews and wrench are designed to look cool and be practical at the same time. The long thumbscrew measures 2.2 inches while the short thumbscrews measure 1.7 inches, allowing you to attach a wide range of cameras and accessories easily.
  • Easy to use – This thumbscrews and wrench set is ideal for faster attachment and detachment of GoPro cameras and accessories to the mount. This makes it an essential part of your adventure sports photography kit.

The Thumbscrew Screw Kit and Wrench from Freewell is an ideal choice for safely and easily mounting your GoPro cameras and accessories on to a mount. The high-end materials used in construction of these thumbscrews make them strong and durable to be used for a longer time.