• Made from high-grade soft material for comfortable diving
  • Efficiently designed and lightweight for real comfort
  • Easy camera mount and installation system
  • Made for use with – All GoPro Action Camera such as Hero5 , Hero4, Hero3+ & other action camera with similar mounting system
  • Pack contains – diving mask, thumb knob, Eva case and snorkel
  • Life-time warranty

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The GoPro Diving Mask and Snorkeling Set from Freewell provide the best hands-free underwater photography solution. The diving mask and snorkeling set are designed to offer users with a reliable and comfortable diving mask/snorkeling set which is suited for use with GoPro and other popular action cameras. The mask is made from high-quality, soft and flexible rubber-coated polycarbonate frame that allows higher level of comfort when it comes to underwater photography and video shooting.


The GoPro Diving Mask & Snorkeling Set from Freewell are:

  • Comfortable – The diving mask and snorkeling set are made from special high-quality food-grade and non-toxic material. The skirt and strap are made from liquid silicone which makes them odorless. The design of the mask, with a double-edged split and skirt-style strap is made for soft touch on the skin.
  • Convenient – The diving mask and snorkeling set are designed ergonomically to offer a comfortable and tight fit for the camera. The frame surface is made from single-piece rubber-coated standard-A polycarbonate material. The mount is designed to offer zero-contact between camera and forehead.
  • Efficient – The camera mount is designed for easy installation having a nut without thumb screw which does not need extra tools for mounting/un-mounting the camera.
  • Safe – The dual 4.0 mm-thick tempered safety glass lenses are ANSL-Z86.11-1985 compliant for optimum level of safety and clear vision underwater. Efficient on-handed nose pocket makes ear equalization easier.

The Diving Mask D3 and Snorkeling Set from Freewell provides you a readymade solution for mounting your camera directly and going for an underwater diving and video shooting experience.