• High-end double side multicoated optical glass gives HD quality images and videos
  • Excessively lightweight design for zero-effect on gimbal
  • Easy to install with efficient threaded ring
  • Standard Day 4-Pack – includes ND4, ND8, ND16 and UV filters along with lens cleaner and protective case
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Made for use with Autel Robotics X-Star and X-Star Premium camera lens
  • Life-time warranty

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The Autel Robotics X-Star Filter 4-Pack from Freewell is designed for normal daytime drone flying. The ND (Neutral Density) filters help to cut down light entering the lens and slow down the camera’s shutter speed. This helps to get rid of the unwanted ‘Jello’ effect often seen while filming objects on the move. The UV filter is useful for removing the bluish haze often seen while filming in sunny conditions.


The Autel Robotics X-Star Filter 4-Pack from Freewell contains:

  • ND4 filter (1.9 Grams) – This filter is designed to decrease the light entering the lens by 2 f-stops, which makes it ideal for use on cloudy days. This filter also helps to give a natural blur to the footage while filming on the move.
  • ND8 filter (1.9 Grams) – This filter is designed to cut light from hitting the sensor by 3 f-stops, making it an ideal choice of lens filter for use in partial cloudy conditions. This filter effectively helps to get smooth footage of objects being filmed while in motion.
  • ND16 filter (1.9 Grams) – This filter is used to cut light by 4 f-stops and is ideal for filming in normal sunny conditions. This filter helps to reduce lens flare while shooting against the sun.
  • UV filter (2 Grams) – This filter is useful for preventing the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from entering the lens and spoiling the picture. This lens helps to remove the unwanted bluish caste and hazy effect often seen in pictures during sunny condition outdoors.
  • Freewell Lens Cleaner – This is an essential accessory for outdoor drone flying. The lens cleaner helps to effectively protect the expensive camera lens from damage by scratches, moisture, dirt, etc.

The Autel Robotics X-Star Filter 4-Pack from Freewell is designed for use in normal sunny conditions while filming outdoors. This pack offers the best solution for getting HD quality footage and crystal-clear images in normal daytime conditions.

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