• High-end double side multicoated optical glass for HD quality images
  • Extremely lightweight for zero-effect on gimbal
  • Easy to install with efficient threaded ring
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Standard Day Hybrid 3-Pack – includes ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters along with lens cleaner and protective case
  • Made for use with Autel Robotics X-Star and X-Star Premium camera lens

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The Autel Robotics X-Star Hybrid Filter 3-Pack (4K Series) from Freewell is an ideal and comprehensive daytime drone flying pack. The hybrid ND/PL (Neutral Density/Polarizing Lens) filters are designed to offer dual functioning. Besides helping to slow down the camera’s shutter speed these filters also help to improve the quality and clarity of the images as well.


The Autel Robotics X-Star Hybrid Filter 3-Pack (4K Series) from Freewell contains:

  • Freewell Hybrid multicoated ND4/PL filter (5.3 Grams) – This filter is designed to cut light by 2 f-stops, which makes it efficient for filming in cloudy daytime conditions.
  • Freewell Hybrid multicoated ND8/PL filter (5.3 Grams) – This filter is helpful to cut light from entering the lens by 3 f-stops, which makes it ideal for use in partial cloudy conditions. This filter, in addition, also helps to enhance the saturation and color of the images.
  • Freewell Hybrid multicoated ND16/PL filter (5.3 Grams) – This filter is made to cut light from hitting the sensor by 4 f-stops, which makes it best-suited for filming in bright sunny lighting conditions. Apart from this, the filter also effectively improves the quality of the footage.
  • Freewell Lens Cleaner – This is an essential part of any outdoors flying pack. This lens cleaner is effective in preventing damage to the expensive camera lens from dust, dirt, scratches, etc.

The Autel Robotics Hybrid Filter 3-Pack (4K Series) from Freewell contains multipurpose filters that not only help to slow down the shutter speed for getting natural blur-effect in the footage but to also enhance the quality of the images with better control over color balance and saturation, without the need to stack multiple filters on the camera lens.

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