Freewell provides top-quality camera filters and other essential drone accessories. The brand has become synonymous with providing efficient solutions that help to make drone flying and aerial filmmaking experience perfect.

Freewell Enterprises Plan

The need to have an ideal filter kit for your drone or action camera can often be a hassle. Although you may have the money but the exact filter kit might not be available in the market. We all know how time is of utmost importance in any commercial undertaking. This holds more true for commercial filmmaking, where every lax minute may cost significant losses in production and other costs.

Freewell understands this frequently-faced issue that many commercial filmmakers and drone companies have to suffer. Hence the company provides the efficient ‘Enterprises Plan’.

Enterprises Plan

The Enterprises Plan by Freewell allows you to capture the perfect moment at the right time. With our completely customized filter kits on demand, we can help you overcome the losses otherwise suffered while shooting commercial films.

With the Enterprise Plan we design and develop the filter kits precisely to your specific requirements. The expert designers and engineers at Freewell ensure that only the best-quality material is used to construct your camera filters kits and other equipment for your drones and action cameras.

Freewell offers the best-quality products at highly-affordable prices. The price and time for delivery of the product ordered by you will be quoted depending on the description given by you.

How to get your Customized Camera Filter Kits under the Freewell Enterprise Plan?

You simply need to send us an email with the following information filled in: