• Ideal OSMO/OSMO Mobile dual battery charging solution
  • Highly advanced and reliable
  • Provides faster charging for 2 OSMO batteries simultaneously
  • Efficient dual voltage function
  • Better adaptability for different kinds of plugs
  • Made to be used for Osmo/Osmo Mobile batteries

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The Osmo Dual Charger from Freewell is an extensive solution for your Osmo/Osmo mobile battery charging worries. This efficient battery charger allows you to charge 2 Osmo batteries at a faster rate. The dual-plug combination allows ideal connectivity with all types of plugs.


The Osmo Dual Charger from Freewell contains:

  • Osmo Dual Charger – This is an excellent choice for charging multiple Osmo batteries most effectively. Using this advanced charger you can now charge 2 (two) Osmo batteries at the same time. This charger is also designed to be charged from an EU or a US plug using the available adapters. Apart from this, the charger has an input capacity of 100-240V AC with 50/60 Hz and 200mA specifications.

The Osmo Dual Charger from Freewell is the ideal choice for getting faster charging of multiple (2) Osmo batteries simultaneously. It provides effective and quicker charging of Osmo batteries and saves your precious drone flying time.

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