• Double-side multi coated optical glass for HD quality footage
  • Excessively light in weight for zero-effect on gimbal
  • Perfect for long exposure photography
  • Made to be used with Inspire 2 Zenmuse X4S
  • Life-time warranty

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The Inspire 2 X4S ND1000 Filter from Freewell is an ideal solution for long-exposure photography. This filter effectively cuts 10 f-stops light from entering the lens and helps to get super-fine images and HD quality videos, especially while filming a moving object. The filter gives a natural-looking blur motion to the footage.


The Inspire 2 X4S ND1000 Filter from Freewell is:

  • Double-side multicoated – The multilayer coating on both sides of the filters help reduce the flares while giving high quality images.
  • For cutting light by 10 f-stops – This filter helps to cut light by 10 f-stops which make it ideal for removing the unwanted ‘jello’ effect usually seen while filming on the move. The filter helps to smooth out the footage and get a natural blur motion instead.
  • To get crystal-clear images – This filter effectively prevents the lens flare usually seen while filming against the sun in bright daytime conditions, especially.
  • Ideal for long-exposure photography – This filter is best-suited for getting stunning long-exposure footage and pictures, such as those of waterfalls and rivers.

The Inspire 2 X4S ND1000 Filter from Freewell is your ideal solution for all long-exposure photography needs. This high-end filter is designed to offer crystal-clear images while filming waterfalls, etc and get the best out of your outdoor filming experience.

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