• HD multilayered coating glass for high quality 4K video shooting
  • Light weight for zero effect on gimbal
  • Contains ND4-PL, ND8-PL and ND16-PL for effective ND filter solutions
  • Easy SNAP-ON installation
  • Made to be used with DJI Mavic Platinum / DJI Mavic Pro
  • Life time warranty

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The DJI Mavic Hybrid Filter 3-pack from Freewell is ideally designed to be used for efficient drone video shooting. This pack contains three (3) essential ND filters (ND4-PL, ND8-PL and ND16-PL) mainly along with a convenient lens cleaner and secure protective case. This pack is best-suited for drone photography in cloudy to bright daytime lighting conditions.

Each Hybrid filter from Freewell is designed with ingenuity. These filters offers ideal cutting of light falling on camera sensor progressively. The hybrid ND filters are designed for dual purpose of being lightweight and advanced drone camera filters at the same time.


The Freewell DJI Mavic Hybrid Filter 3-pack contains:

  • ND4-PL (1 gram) – The ND4-PL filter from Freewell is designed to cut light by 2 f-stops. This filter gives high quality and clear images in cloudy daytime lighting conditions.
  • ND8-PL (1 gram) – The ND8-PL filter from Freewell is helpful by cutting light hitting the sensor by 3 f-stops. This filter is ideal to be used in normal sunny lighting conditions. It helps to get crystal clear images without putting any negative effect on the drone’s gimbal
  • ND16-PL (1 gram) – The ND16-PL filter from Freewell is designed to effectively cut light falling on the sensor by 4 f-stops. This filter is created to be used for best photography experience in bright and sunny daytime lighting conditions.
  • Leans cleaner – The Freewell lens cleaner is free with the DJI Mavic hybrid filter 3-pack. It is most useful for protecting your expensive lens from being damaged by dust, oil marks or fingerprints. It is used to ensure that the lend stays clear for perfect images before flying the drone.
  • Protective case – The Freewell protective case is necessary for safekeeping of the expensive filters from the company. This offers total protection to the lens filters while on the go.

The DJI Mavic Hybrid Filter 3-Pack from Freewell is an ideal choice for ensuring better photography and excellent video shooting using DJI Mavic Pro.

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