• Complete professional drone filming solution covers your must have list
  • Double side multi coated High-end HD optical glass Filters for optimum image quality
  • Lightweight filters for zero-effect on gimbal
  • Contains 6Pack Filters, Landing Gear , Propeller guard , Waterproof Hard Case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made to be used with DJI Mavic Platinum / DJI Mavic Pro

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The DJI Mavic Pro Professional Accessories Kit from Freewell is the best help for a drone enthusiast. This excellent and comprehensive kit contains multicoated ND filters that are ideal for giving a natural motion to the footage. The CPL filter is used to reduce the glare from natural reflective surfaces while the hybrid ND/PL filter allows for crystal clear images while the lens cleaner, protective hard case, propeller guard and landing gear complete the safety aspects of your drone.


The DJI Mavic Pro Professional Accessories Kit from Freewell contains:

  • ND8 (1 Gram) – ND8 filter from Freewell for DJI Mavic Pro cuts light by 3 f-stops and is used in normal sunny lighting conditions.
  • ND16 (1 Gram) – ND16 filter from Freewell is made for use with DJI Mavic Pro and cuts light by 4 f-stops. This makes it an ideal filter for filming outdoors in afternoon sunlight.
  • ND32 (1 Gram) – ND32 filter from Freewell for DJI Mavic Pro cuts light falling on sensor by 5 f-stops and is best for shooting in bright sunny lighting conditions.
  • CP (Circular Polarized) filter (1 Gram) – The CPL filter removes unneeded glare from naturally reflective surfaces, including water and glass surfaces. Apart from this, the filter also offers improvement in color and contrast by decreasing the glare from the sky or water bodies.
  • ND8/PL (1 Gram) – ND8/PL filter from Freewell cuts light by 3 f-stops and is ideal for normally sunny conditions.
  • ND16/PL (1 Gram) – ND16/PL filter from Freewell cuts light by 4 f-stops and is made for use in bright conditions, often seen in the afternoon.
  • Freewell Lens Cleaner – Lens cleaner from Freewell offers additional protection to camera lens from damage by dust and debris.
  • Freewell Waterproof Hard Case – Waterproof hard case from Freewell offers optimum protection to your DJI Mavic mini drone and all its accessories. The hard case is compact in design and easy to carry. It conveniently fits your Mavic Drone , 2 extra Batteries , Remote Control , Power Supply , Propeller , Cables , Freewell Filter Pack .
  • Freewell Propeller Guard – Freewell propeller guard offer complete protection to the propellers, especially when flying indoors or in thick foliage with multiple obstacles. The propeller guard design does not hinder the functioning of the drone’s obstacle avoidance system.
  • Freewell Landing Gear – Freewell landing gear is equipped with an easy SNAP-ON system for convenient installation. The landing gear raises the height of your drone by 3 cm overall and provides additional protection to it from dust and dirt on landing surfaces.

The Freewell DJI Mavic Pro Professional Accessories Kit is designed for the serious drone flyers. This professional kit contains all necessary accessories that you will require for an excellent and memorable drone filming experience.

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