• Ideal anti-glare solution for covering viewing monitor
  • Easily fits with DJI Mavic remote phone size iPhone 7+
  • Essential accessory when flying outdoors
  • Helps improve visibility of screen
  • Flat folding for easy storage
  • Made to be used with remote of DJI Mavic Platinum / DJI Mavic Pro /DJI Spark

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The DJI Mavic Sunshade from Freewell is the best solution to combat glare on your phone screen when flying in bright daylight. The ideal design allows it to be used with DJI Mavic remote with phone size as iPhone 7+ easily and most efficiently. The sunshade provides sufficient cover to the screen so as to provide a clear and smooth view while flying the drone. It allow you to easy access your phone screen . The neck strap solution offer you to hold it comfortably without putting pressure on your hand all the time. Its 4 side wall make sure your phone screen is protected from all the side against outside ray’s.


The DJi Mavic Sunshade from Freewell is:

  • Ideal for reducing glare from viewing monitor.
  • Designed to be used while flying outside in bright conditions.
  • Made to comfortably fit around the mobile screen completely to give a clear and sharp view.
  • Equipped with a neck strap to free your hands from prolonged handling of the remote constantly.
  • Best-suited for reducing dizziness often felt while filming outdoors for a long period of time.
  • Easy access to your phone screen to operate all the function.
  • Neck strap to hang your remote without holding it all the time in your all the time.

The DJI Mavic Sunshade from Freewell is ideal for helping you get a clear view of real-time footage on your smart phone size upto iPhone 7+ phone screen. This monitor hood completely covers the screen to give glare-less and clean view from the camera feedback while the efficient neck strap is ideal for giving rest to the hands while flying constantly for longer periods of time.

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