• High-end material for better functionality & lifetime warranty
  • Easily carries two drones – DJI Mavic and DJI Spark -and their basic accessories
  • Lightweight & slim design for easy portability
  • Waterproof , Dustproof , Shockproof
  • Perfect for outdoor filmmaking for a longer time
  • Ideal protection against physical damage to DJI Spark and DJI Mavic Pro/ DJI Mavic Platinum drones and their accessories

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The Freewell Dual Drone Carry Case is designed for efficiently carrying two drones, the smaller sized DJI Spark and the average sized DJI Mavic drone in 1 carry case at the same time giving it best protection possible protection . The tough outer exterior protects against damage from dust, dirt, water and physical damage. The soft material used in the interior is intricately designed to hold the two drones and their accessories and protect them against damage from physical shock. It carries 3 extra battery for each of your drone which means you are never running out of battery when in need along with all other most essential accessories such as remote control , adaptor , power bank & Freewell Filters.


The Dual Drone Carry Case from Freewell is:

  • Additionally functional – It carries 2 drones, instead of the usual single drone which a carry case allows to be stored, So now you can have access to both drones at the same time anytime anywhere.
  • Highly compact – The carry case measures L47.5 X W35 X H13.3CM which is very slim in design.
  • Intensely lightweight – The carry case, in dry condition, weighs in at only 2.5 kg..
  • Lifetime Warranty – Dual carry case is backed with Freewell lifetime warranty so you can be confident on the high quality material used in making the case as we have done with all our previous cases.
  • Essential – Freewell Dual carry case has been design to make sure you have all your essential when you are in need so it carries 3 extra battery for DJI Spark & 3 extra battery for DJI Mavic along with both their remote control , Power adaptor , Power Bank, Freewell Filters , Charger Hub for DJI Mavic & DJI Spark , So you are covered with most essential accessories you need in the compact case.

The efficient Dual Drone Carry Case from Freewell is especially designed to cater to professional filmmakers and aerial photographers. These drone lovers need to have multiple drones for multiple types of cameras and shots. The dual case allows you to easily store, carry and use DJI Spark and DJI Mavic drones and their accessories.

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