• High-end optical glass gives advanced HD quality to images
  • Excessively lightweight design ensures zero-effect on gimbal
  • Advanced Hybrid Filter pack – includes Variable ND2-400 (10 in 1), CPL, PL, ND8/CPL, ND16/CPL and UV filters from Freewell
  • Easy SNAP ON installation
  • Made for use with DJI Phantom 3 Standard , Phantom 3 Professional , Phantom 3 Advance  , Phantom 3 4K , Phantom 4
  • Life-time warranty

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The DJI Phantom 3 Filter 6-Pack from Freewell is an ideal solution for professional drone flyers to get the best out of their drone flying experience. The Variable ND2-400 filter allows cutting light significantly by actively adjusting the dial on the front. The hybrid ND8/CPL and ND16/CPL filters are useful to adjust the amount of light entering the lens and to improve color saturation in images. The UV filter helps to get crystal-clear pictures by removing the haze-effect. The PL filter is designed to prevent unwanted glare from spoiling the image.


The DJI Phantom 3 Filter 6-Pack from Freewell contains:

  • Freewell Variable ND2-400 filter (6.5 Grams) – This filter is a multifunctional accessory for serious drone enthusiasts. It can be easily adjusted to provide control over light entering the lens by 1-8 2/3 f-stops, according to the existing lighting conditions.
  • Freewell UV filter (3.5 Grams) – This filter is efficient in blocking the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays from entering the lens and giving a hazy look to it. Apart from this, the filter also acts as additional protection against damage from dirt, dust, scratches, etc on the lens.
  • Freewell CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) filter (6.5 Grams) – This filter helps in two different ways. First, it improves saturation and color contrast and secondly, it helps to prevent unwanted reflections while filming outdoors. The CPL functions to spread the light entering the lens evenly to maintain optimum color and contrast balance.
  • Freewell PL (Polarizing Lens) filter (6.5 Grams) – This filter is ideal for darkening the light from the sky, control unwanted glare and manage reflected light in the best possible manner.
  • Freewell ND8/CPL filter (6.5 Grams) – This filter cuts light by 3 f-stops and helps to improve saturation in the image.
  • Freewell ND16/CPL filter (6.5 Grams) – This filter effectively cuts light by 4 f-stops to provide ideally saturated pictures.

The DJI Phantom 3 Filter 6-Pack from Freewell is an ideal solution for professional drone flyers to get the most out their outdoor daytime drone flying experience. Get the best quality pictures and HD footage using these advanced and efficient lens filters from Freewell.

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