• Ultimate filmmaking experience
  • High-end double side multicoated optical glass for premium quality HD filming
  • Extremely lightweight for zero-effect on gimbal
  • All day 5PACK IR ND4 , IR ND8 , IR ND16, IR ND32, IR ND64
  • Easy grip on filter to screw on camera lens
  • Made for use with Phantom 4 Pro / Phantom 4 Pro+/Advance
  • Life-time warranty

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The Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ IR ND 5 Pack from Freewell is designed to give crystal-clear images and sharper footage in all types of daytime lighting conditions. The revolutionary IR filter first ever for Phantom Drone from Freewell now enables you to effectively cut the harmful IR (Infra Red) rays which cause red/brown in your video/photos from entering the lens and spoiling the footage. The special hybrid IR ND filters from Freewell serve the dual purpose of effectively blocking IR rays from hitting the sensor while the ND technology effectively removes the ‘jello’ effect normally seen with other filters. The light weight (just 4 Grams) of the filter also makes it ideal for drone flying as it has no negative effect on the gimbal.


The Phantom 4 Pro IR ND 5 Pack from Freewell contains:

  • IR ND4 filter – This filter helps to cut light by 2 f-stops which make it ideal for filming on a cloudy day.
  • IR ND8 filter – This filter is designed to cut light entering the lens by 3 f-stops for ideal partly cloudy conditions.
  • IR ND16 filter – This filter is best for cutting light by 4 f-stops to get the best photography experience in normal sunny conditions.
  • IR ND32 filter – This filter is made to cut light by 5 f-stops which efficiently get you clear footage even in bright sunny conditions.
  • IR ND64 filter – This filter is useful for cutting light by 6 f-stops to be used for sharp images even in the brightest daytime conditions.

The Phantom 4 Pro IR ND 5 Pack from Freewell is best-suited for all daytime lighting conditions. This pack contains all essential lens filters that are useful for getting HD 4K videos and high-quality images in all types of daylight conditions.

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