• Excellent protection for drone and many essential accessories
  • Compact design makes it easy to carry
  • Light weight construction allows efficient portability
  • Made for use with DJI Spark drone and accessories
  • Made with durable and toughened composite material and extra cushioning

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The DJI Spark Carry Case from Freewell is best-suited to store your DJI Spark drone and a whole range of essential accessories such as 3 extra battery , power adaptor , remote control, mini tab , cable that you require for outdoor drone filming . The carry case has been designed in a compact form for better portability even to stock in your backpacks. The composite materials used in making it allow it to be used effectively for securing your expensive drone and accessories while filming outdoors.


The DJI Spark Carry Case from Freewell is:

  • Made to offer ideal protection to your DJI Spark drone, charger, remote control, connecting cables, and many more accessories while travelling.
  • Compact in size to fit in your luggage efficiently without taking up considerable space.
  • Exterior covering is made from special hardened composite material and internal cushioning for added protection to drone and accessories.
  • Built-in handle makes it easier to carry and store while on the move.
  • Shoulder strap for easier travelling
  • Portable Size 8x32.5x22.5cm , Weight just 21 Ounces

The DJI Spark Carry Case from Freewell is the ideal choice for professional and amateur drone photographers to store and carry their DJI Spark drone, remote control, cables, extra batteries, etc easily. The carry case has been designed with a tough exterior and a soft interior to prevent any damage to your expensive drone, camera, and other accessories when you are filming outdoors.

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