• Waterproof , Dustproof protection for DJI Goggles
  • Compact design allows for easier carrying
  • Rubberized elegant handle with simple push locking system
  • Made for use with DJI Goggles & connecting cables
  • Made for durability and efficiency
  • Life-time warranty

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The DJI Goggles Waterproof Carry Case from Freewell offers ideal protection and storing solutions, The compact and lightweight design makes it an efficient way to secure and carry your expensive gadgets when using in rugged terrain. Its waterproof capability make sure you are secure in all kind of weather conditions. Freewell high standard quality make sure you get the best out of your waterproof carry case.


The DJI Goggles Carry Case from Freewell allow:

  • Perfect protection – Safeguard your DJI Goggles and other accessories from breakage while transporting them in your vehicle or travelling in touch conditions. The carry case is designed from especially toughened plastic material for protecting your accessories effectively. The holes provided near the handle makes it easy to secure with a strong padlock as well.
  • Premium portability – The compact design of the carry case (L34.5xW42xH14.5CM) allows it to store your DJI Goggles & its other connecting cables.
  • Lightweight design – The carry case is made with toughened yet lightweight material weights only 2.40 Kgs which makes it the best choice when travelling outdoors for your drone flying experience .
  • Waterproof safety – The carry case is completely waterproof and is ideal for use in almost all terrains and types of weather.

The DJI Goggles waterproof Carry Case from Freewell has been specially designed to offer the best protection and easier carrying of your DJI Goggles.

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