• All essential & must have in a bundle deal
  • All-round protection for drones and accessories
  • High-end materials used for complete reliability
  • Robust construction for tough outdoor use
  • Efficient and portable carry-case to transport your DJI Spark drone and essential accessories
  • DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit includes – Toughened and compact Carry case, Lens Sunhood, Gimbal Protector, Propeller Guard, Propeller Guard Protection, Leg Extenders and Remote Joystick Protection
  • Life-time warranty

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The DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit from Freewell is designed for professionals and amateurs alike. It allows comprehensive protection from damage to the DJI Spark drone, camera, gimbal, propellers and even the remote control. It is a necessary accessory kit fit for tough outdoor use & it include all the essential you require just as you start using your drone.


The DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit from Freewell provides:

  • Organized Carry Case – It is made from toughened eva material from the outside to protect the drone and accessories stored. The inner soft lining helps to cocoon the accessories and drone in a protective layer and safe from jolts.
  • Lens Sunhood – This is essential when you wish to get a clear view of the camera’s POV on your viewing device (smartphone, tablet, etc).
  • Gimbal Protector – This helps to protect the gimbal from getting damaged while keeping in your storage bag & this is a must have protecting your most delicate DJI Spark gimbal /
  • Propeller Guards/Leg Extenders – These accessories are important to protect the drone’s body and camera from getting damaged while taking off or landing. The extra height provided by the leg extenders keep the drone elevated sufficiently as raising your spark drone height without any extender by 0.8cm & by adding the extender upto 3.8cm. The propeller guards are important to protect the fragile propellers from getting damaged by tree branches and foliage or walls and boulders or landing the drone in your hands.
  • Propeller Guard Protection – The Propeller Guards are provided additional protection with when you are storing your DJI Spark in case or constantly on the move.
  • Remote Joystick Protection – Keep your remote control’s sensitive joysticks protected with this protective cover.

The DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit from Freewell comes very handy at a time when increasing numbers of filmmakers and amateurs are flying drones & want to keep their damage to minimum these accessories certainly helps making your flying experience awesome.

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