• DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit
  • Professional All light condition 6-Pack contains ND8, ND16, ND32, PL (polarized) filter, Hybrid ND/PL filter ND8/PL and ND16/PL
  • Tablet Mount Fits all size of smart phone & tablet from Iphone 7+ to iPad (Min 11.5cm – Max 19.5cm)
  • Ideal anti-glare solution for covering viewing monitor

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  • The DJI Spark Essential Accessories Kit from Freewell is designed for professionals and amateurs alike. It allows comprehensive protection from damage to the DJI Spark drone, camera, gimbal, propellers and even the remote control. It is a necessary accessory kit fit for tough outdoor use & it include all the essential you require just as you start using your drone.
  • The Freewell DJI Spark Landing Pad for drones is designed to offer a highly visible and reliable landing mark for your drone. The durable material is waterproof and can be efficiently used in all kinds of weather and terrain. It is easily to deploy and easier to store in its storage bag.
  • The DJI Spark Filter 6-Pack All Day from Freewell is designed for offering complete daytime photography solutions. The ND filters are made from advanced multilayered optical glass and are used to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor. This helps to remove the abnormal ‘Jello’ effect normally seen due to the camera’s rolling shutter. The PL (polarized) lens is ideal for removing unnecessary glare. This pack contains 6 different lens filters to satisfy all your daytime photography requirements. The pack contains 6 essential and advanced lens filters, including ND8, ND16, ND32, PL, ND-8/PL, ND-16/PL along with protective case. These filters help you to get crystal clear images in all types of daylight conditions.
  • Tablet Mount DJI Spark Remote control is designed keeping portability in mind with that it has its limitations when you want to use bigger monitor device on your remote control or even with your small smart phone screen often goes off , Freewell TABLET MOUNT is great solution to this problems by having a full access to your screen in different direction with the help of 360degree ball head.
  • Monitor Sunshade Having no screen in spark remote control Freewell Remote sunshade is must have accessory , The DJI Spark Sunshade from Freewell is the best solution to combat glare on your phone screen when flying in bright daylight. The ideal design allows it to be used with DJI Spark remote with phone size as iPhone 7+ easily and most efficiently. The sunshade provides sufficient cover to the screen so as to provide a clear and smooth view while flying the drone. It allow you to easy access your phone screen . The neck strap solution offer you to hold it comfortably without putting pressure on your hand all the time. Its 4 side wall make sure your phone screen is protected from all the side against outside ray’s.

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