• Robust carbon fiber construction with high-grade and durable materials monopod
  • Floating device helps keep camera afloat in case it falls in water
  • Chargers 3 camera batteries charged simultaneously
  • Pack contains – trigger adapter, carbon-fiber grip, wrench tool, thumb knob, storage case and rope

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  • The Pro M3 Carbon Lite Monopod Selfie stick is designed for offering users with a truly versatile and convenient single-handed outdoor action camera filming and photographing experience. The monopod is developed using durable and lightweight materials to provide a comfortable and prolonged use of the monopod. The monopod fits most popular action cameras efficiently along with mobile smartphones.
  • The GoPro Hero5 Black Trio Charger from Freewell is an ideal solution for charging camera batteries. It provides faster charging to multiple batteries simultaneously and saves precious time for ideal outdoor filming.The high-tech Freewell Charger allows you to charge 3 camera batteries in just 2 hours, saving precious time. Freewell Hero5 Black Trio charger is made with keeping 3 things in mind Portability , Fast Charging & Convince , We have achieve all that by keeping the charger as slim as possible to fit even in your pocket , with C type USB for fast charging & convince to charge your batteries almost everywhere even while storing in your backpack , So you do not have to worry anymore getting your batteries falling while in backpack
  • The Mouth Mount from Freewell is designed to provide an ideal hands-free action photography solution. This efficient mouth-held device allows you to take excellent action photograph from your POV while leaving your hands free for use.
  • The Pistol Grip Adapter from Freewell is an ideal one-handed photography solution. The pistol-grip design provides a comfortable grip and the lightweight and durable material used in its construction allows it to be used for a significantly longer period of time than conventional hand grips.

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