• Includes Grey/Orange/Blue grad filters with lens cleaner and protective case
  • Essential standard day pack include ND4 , ND8, CPL, UV
  • Offers protection to your lens
  • Completely waterproof for all-round weather use
  • Fit Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+/Advance

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  • The Phantom 4 Pro Grad Kit from Freewell is the ideal solution for getting mesmerizing effects during normal daytime shooting. The Grey grad, Orange grad and Blue grad filters from Freewell provide extensive color and contrast balancing solutions for shooting in normal daytime conditions. The Phantom 4 Pro Grad Kit is a must-have for serious drone flyers.
  • The Freewell Lens Cover for Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ is designed to offer protection to the camera lens when the drone in being transported or when not in use . This is an ideal protection for the expensive camera lens from dust, dirt, scratches and other types of damage, it fits all Freewell Filters as well.
  • The Phantom 4 Pro/Pro+ 4-Pack from Freewell is designed for professionals looking to get the most out of standard daytime filming experience. This pack offers 4 essential diverse filters (CPL/UV/ND4/ND8) along with a free lens cleaner and protective case. These filters are designed by Freewell to give professional drone flyers an ideal solution for filming in cloudy , Partly cloudy daylight conditions. The UV filter is best for preventing the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering the lens while the CPL (Circular Polarized Lens) filter helps to remove unwanted reflections from natural surfaces. The ND4 and ND8 filters are useful for cutting light entering the sensor and removes ‘jello’ effect. These filters allow you to get sharp and crystal-clear images in normally sunny to cloudy daytime lighting.
  • The Freewell Drone Landing Pad for drones is designed to offer a highly visible and reliable landing mark for your drone. The durable material is waterproof and can be efficiently used in all kinds of weather and terrain. It is easily to deploy and easier to store in its storage bag.

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