• High-end resin optics provides excellent quality footage underwater
  • Durable material used to provide excellent waterproofing capabilities
  • Excessively lightweight for comfortable use
  • Snap-fit system for easy installation
  • Ideal underwater pack – includes red, magenta and yellow filters
  • Made for use with GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4 Standard Waterproof Housing for camera
  • Life-time warranty

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The GoPro Underwater Filter 5-Pack from Freewell provides professional and amateur underwater divers with the best underwater filter solutions. This pack offers lens filters designed to provide excellent photography according to varying depths. This pack allows you to take brilliant underwater pictures without the hassle for multiple filters to be used simultaneously.


The GoPro Underwater Filter 5-Pack from Freewell contains:

  • Freewell 3x Red filter – These filter offers excellent picture quality in blue and considerably clear water, to a depth of about 50 feet from the surface.
  • Freewell 1x Magenta filter – This filter is designed to provide excellent picture quality while filming underwater at depths between 5 to 20 feet. This filter is ideally used in greenish water for best effect.
  • Freewell 1x Yellow filter – This filter helps to get clearer pictures and footage while filming underwater at night. The yellow filter effectively highlights colors and helps to focus more clearly on the object in a dark situation.

The GoPro Underwater Filter 5-Pack from Freewell is best-suited for underwater photography enthusiasts who wish to get crystal-clear picture quality while filming underwater. This filter pack addresses your basic underwater filming needs by providing sharp and better colored images.

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