• High-end optical resin material for HD image quality
  • Durable and ideal for underwater use
  • Excessively lightweight for comfortable use
  • Ideal underwater grad pack – includes Grey Grad, Orange Grad and Blue Grad filters
  • Made for use with Standard GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero 4 cameras
  • Life-time warranty

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The GoPro Housing Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell is designed to provide excellent additional effects to the image while photographing underwater. The different colored grad filters are designed with a clear ND (Neutral Density) glass in the lower half which graduates to the colored glass as you move upwards. These filters help you to get dramatic effects in the footage and pictures without the need of complicated editing software.


The GoPro Housing Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell contains:

  • Freewell Grey Grad filter – This filter is made to provide effective reduction of light from the sky. This helps to highlight the landscape better.
  • Freewell Orange Grad filter – This filter is designed to give an attractive effect to the evening sky, especially at sunrise and sunset. This filter works to provide additional color saturation to the ground and provide crystal-clear landscape shots at dusk or dawn.
  • Freewell Blue Grad filter – This filter provides an excellent cooling blue effect to the image. This is most useful when you wish to enhance the blue tinge of the sky or water, which provides amazing landscape photographs.

The GoPro Housing Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell helps outdoor camera enthusiasts to get amazing color effects in images without the need to buy expensive post-editing software systems.

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