• High-end aluminum alloy material used for efficient action camera filming
  • Light-weight (284 g) construction for easy and longer use
  • Compact size – 128 mm x 128 mm x 105 mm
  • Amazing 360˚ photography & Videography
  • Attach 6 (six) GoPro Hero5 Black action cameras at a time
  • Made to be used with Hero6 Black , Hero5 Black action cameras
  • Life-time warranty

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The all new GoPro Hero5 Black (3+3) action camera tray from Freewell is designed to provide you an all-round viewing photography & videography experience. This is a revolutionary designed camera tray which helps you to capture videos in a 360˚ angle using GoPro Hero5 Black series action cameras.


The GoPro Hero5 Black (3+3) Camera Rig from Freewell is designed to provide:

  • Efficiency – This revolutionary designed camera tray for GoPro Hero5 Black action cameras efficiently allows you to capture the action all around you without the need to change the camera angle.
  • Convenience – Now you can get mesmerizing and crystal-clear action camera filming experience with 6 (six) GoPro action cameras attached to this array simultaneously.
  • Reliability – The upper portion of the bracket has a 3/8 inch screw system which helps to efficiently change the camera angle fast.
  • Versatility – Useful for Virtual Reality (VR) video, commercial photography and videography action video filming outdoors & indoor.

The innovative GoPro Hero5 Black (3+3) action camera tray by Freewell is designed to provide you with a system to capture the action happening all around you at the same time, without the need to shift or change your position.

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