• High-end material for durability
  • Easy and comfortable adjustable head band for prolonged use
  • HD quality flexible lenses with multilayer nano-coating for premium quality visual
  • Ideal VR pack – includes VR glasses, VR manual, Bluetooth remote, remote control manual, USB charging cable for remote control and storage case
  • Made for use with – Most Android and iOS powered smartphones and for over 300 globally popular VR apps
  • Life-time warranty

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The Virtual Reality Glasses from Freewell are designed for optimum clarity and comfort of use. High-end lightweight material allows the glasses to be durable for prolonged use outdoors. The HD optical lens inside is easy to adjust and can be efficiently used by various people accordingly. The Virtual Reality Glasses from Freewell offer premium HD quality VR experience.


The Virtual Reality Glasses from Freewell are:

  • Efficiently designed – These VR glasses come with an adjustable phone mount which effectively prevents scratching the phone screen. A removable cover prevents over-heating and allows the glasses to be used for a longer period of time. Absorption type switch on the side makes it easy to attach and detach. Also, the flexible lenses make the glasses easier to clean and maintain. A high-quality feather-cortical patch makes wearing the headset for a longer time, a more comfortable experience and efficiently prevent fatigue.
  • High-end – The optical lenses used in these VR glasses are made from high-quality optical resin which are covered in 8 layers of fine nano-coating and have been polished 5 times for superior performance. The high-quality resin lenses effectively decrease glare and deformity, prevent eye fatigue and offer perfect 3D reality under the broad perspective which provides a seamless virtual experience.
  • Highly-compatible – The VR glasses are programmed to work with almost all Android and iOS powered smartphones (screen size 3.5-6.0 inches) and are compatible for use with over 300 virtual reality apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Dynamic – The VR glasses come with an efficient Bluetooth remote control which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and allows you to play games on Android virtual reality apps while providing an efficient remote control for playing normal games on both, Android and iOS smartphones.

The Virtual Reality Glasses from Freewell have been designed to provide users with the best virtual reality experience through an efficiently constructed and high performance for Android and iOS virtual reality apps.

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