For the action photography lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts, a 360 degree camera is a whole new world of great filming experience. They not only get to have a look from the POV (point of view) angle but also get to see the action happening all around.

About GoPro Fusion 360 Degree

The GoPro 360 Degree Fusion action camera from renowned action camera makers GoPro has been intensely awaited by action photography lovers from all over the world. As the name describes it, it is a fusion of 6 separate GoPro action cameras into one spherical visualizing array. Although the rumors for such a camera have been doing the rounds online from quite some time the camera is most likely to be launched by the end of this year. A recent blog post from the company gave a glimpse into its impressive features and specifications.

GoPro Fusion innovative 5.2K camera

According to the words of the company itself, the GoPro Fusion has a 5.2K spherical camera which is designed to be the ultimate capture device for fully immersive virtual reality content and conventional non-VR photos and video formats.

Apart from this highlight about the spherical camera, the GoPro Fusion also boasts of an amazing 5.2K resolution that allows users to use the innovative and new OverCapture creative solution. This feature is designed to offer content creators the choice to produce conventional (non-VR) photos and videos in HD-quality extracted from the spherically captured angles. This allows capturing shots that were previously lost due to a single focal point with individual cameras. The non-VR footage from the cameras is in excellent 1080p resolution which is comparatively far better than what other types of 360 degree cameras offer (720p resolution).

The 5.2K camera is an advanced and new feature for any GoPro camera as till now the cameras were max 4K. Dual lenses allow for an interesting 360˚ capture

Apart from the advanced camera, the GoPro Fusion has a highlight button along with a port and other buttons on the side. It also has a GoPro style mount on the bottom.

As far as we can see it, the new GoPro Fusion 360 Degree is set to raise the bar for professional standard VR cameras all around. Its unique 5.2K camera allows to capture intensely clear photos and footages with an excellent resolution.