• Convenient full-face covering design for comfortable snorkeling experience
  • Easy and efficient to use for new and first-time users
  • Uses advanced dry snorkel technology
  • Soft, lightweight and safe material used for construction
  • Pack includes – snorkeling mask and net bag
  • Made for use with – without or with all GoPro Action Camera such as Hero5, Hero4 & other similar mounting system
  • Life-time warranty

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The Easy Snorkeling Mask from Freewell is the best choice for snorkeling user photography enthusiasts with less or no diving experience. This mask comes in various sizes and fits perfectly all around the face. The visor has an air inlet to avoid fogging while diving and keeps the vision clear the whole time you are snorkeling.


The Easy Snorkeling Mask from Freewell is:

  • Conveniently designed – The mask provides covering to the entire face, from the forehead down below the chin. The separated visor and breathing system allows easier snorkeling. Efficient design helps to save strength otherwise lost in clamping on the breathing piece of conventional snorkeling mask.
  • Efficiently made – The snorkeling mask has an airflow duct to allow the visor to ‘breathe’ which prevents fogging up of the glass. This provides constant clear vision underwater.
  • Safe to use – The snorkeling mask is made from special non-toxic material imported from Japan. Apart from this, only original Bayer PC (polycarbonate) materials of high quality have been used to avoid discomfort, itching or any other skin problem by using the mask.
  • Advanced in technology – The separated breathing chamber allows you to breathe almost normally such as in ground. The Dry Snorkeling technology prevents salt water from entering your mouth.


How to choose the right size?

  • Step 1. Measure the distance between Nose bridge to bottom of the chin.
  • Step 2. If the distance is less than 12 cms or 4.7 inches, Choose Small/Medium.
  • Step 3. If the distance is more than 12 cms or 4.7 inches, Choose Large/XL.
  • ** This mask is not designed for Free Diving or Spear Fishing.
  • ** GoPro camera or the water proof housing is not included with the purchase **

The Easy Snorkeling Mask from Freewell allows snorkeling & swimming users & filming enthusiasts an ideal way for snorkeling. The efficient design allows you to breathe easy without the need of extensive training in snorkeling.

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