• Easiest way to learn your kids snorkeling & swimming
  • Convenient full-face covering design for comfortable snorkeling experience
  • Easy and efficient to use for new and first-time users
  • Uses advanced dry snorkel technology
  • Soft, lightweight and safe material used for construction
  • Pack includes – snorkeling mask and net bag
  • Made for use with – without or with all GoPro Action Camera such as Hero5, Hero4 & other similar mounting system
  • Life-time warranty

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The Kids Snorkel Mask from Freewell is designed for ideal use by children and newbies to snorkeling and swimming. The highly durable materials used in developing this mask are completely safe and tested for allergens to prevent unwanted skin reactions. This mask makes swimming and snorkeling experience more memorable with an easy-to-use action camera mount for perfect underwater images and footage.


The Kids Snorkeling Mask from Freewell is:

  • Perfect for newcomers – This mask is designed basically for children (between 4 to 11 years) who wish to experience snorkeling and swim. It is also suitable for newbies with no experience in these activities.
  • Easy breathing – The mask offers users a chance to breathe normally underwater using the advanced breathing system which is separated from the visor. This keeps the visor from fogging up and affecting the clear underwater view.
  • Advanced technology – The mask is designed using Dry Snorkel Technology which prevents salt water from entering the breathing mask. This allows first time snorkelers oe long time user a chance to experience underwater world in the best possible way.
  • Efficient design – The mask is designed to perfectly fit the face and cover it all round. The materials used in making the soft and flexible skirt and strap are imported silicone which are rigorously tested for toxins. The PC (polycarbonate) materials used are genuine Bayer materials which prevents the risk of skin infection and other dermal problems.

The Kids Snorkeling Mask from Freewell is designed for kids to experience the wonderful underwater world. Using the easy-to-install camera mount, kids can now enjoy their underwater experience better with excellent footage and images from the action camera mounted on top.

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