• High-grade aluminum for light unit and durable lightweight carbon fiber used for monopod
  • Provides efficient one-handed underwater sea diving photography and filming
  • Efficient rechargeable batteries for light units
  • Ergonomic grip on monopod for comfortable prolonged use
  • Ideal professional diver’s underwater photography kit – includes LED light unit, rechargeable Li-Po battery, dual mount, long and short thumbscrew, waterproof gasket, USB extension cable, extendable lightweight Carbon Fiber monopod pole, aluminum wrench tool, aluminum threaded action camera mount, aluminum action camera thumbknob, Snap-fit GoPro remote holder and mobile bracket
  • Made for use with GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3, Hero 3+, Hero 2, Hero 1 and other popular action cameras
  • Life-time warranty

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The Underwater/Saltwater Monopod and Light by Freewell is considered to be an ideal underwater photography solution for professional underwater divers. This kit contains a powerful LED light unit with energy-efficient rechargeable Li-Po battery which is also waterproof to an extensive level. The lightweight monopod is designed to offers comfortable one-handed photography solutions to underwater photographers.


The Underwater/Saltwater Monopod and Light kit from Freewell contains:

  • Underwater light – Made from robust aluminum covering for efficient cooling. Over-heating prevention system kicks in at temperatures exceeding 55 degrees. Light is IP68 rated and tested for underwater performance in depth up to 40 meters (or 130 feet). Battery is Lithium Polymer rechargeable 2200 mAH battery with 8.14 Wh and 3.8V capacity which is easy to remove and replace if needed. Six lighting settings include Wide, Target Spot and Ambient for versatility. Provides 1000 lumens efficiently with battery life of 3.5 hours.
  • Pro M3 Carbon Fiber Monopod – The monopod is a 17” to 40“-long extendable pole with the necessary attachments for mounting action camera steadily. The lightweight (7.7 oz) carbon fiber monopod has an efficient twist locking mechanism that allows to easily adjusting pole to desired length for varied purposes. The durable construction allows the pole to be used in rugged terrain and all types of weather efficiently. Pro M3 can be easily adjusted to mount mobile smartphones in place of action cameras and allows you to take breathtaking pictures and footage.

The Underwater/Saltwater Monopod and Light kit from Freewell is suitable for professional divers and underwater photography enthusiasts who wish to have a convenient and comfortable one-handed monopod with energy-efficient LED rechargeable light for perfect filming and photographing underwater.