• Resin Optics for HD quality pictures
  • Excessively lightweight for zero-effect on gimbal
  • Grad 3-Pack – includes Grey Grad, Orange Grad and Blue Grad filters , Lens Cleaner & Filter storage pouch
  • Made for use with Typhoon H, Blade Chroma 4K, Typhoon Q500-4K, Typhoon CGO3 and Typhoon CGO3+ camera lens
  • Life-time warranty

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The Yuneec Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell is the best way to add special color effects to the images. These filters are tinted with the particular color in one half while it gradually transitions into clear ND (Neutral Density) in the other half. These filters are easy-to-install and provide additional special effects to the footage without the need for photo editing software.


The Yuneec Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell contains:

  • Grey Grad filter – This filter is useful for producing a neutral grey tone while reducing the light entering the lens by 3 f-stops. This allows better control over exposure and depth of field with the best color contrast. This filter is best used for reducing light for enhancing the skyline while filming landscape shots.
  • Orange Grad filter – This filter is designed to reduce light entering the lens by 1.8 f-stops for clear pictures and also provides an efficient way to improve the pictures in certain situations. The orange tint in one half of the lens adds mesmerizing effect to the evening sky, especially while filming sunsets.
  • Freewell Blue Grad filter – This filter helps to cut light by 1.8 f-stops and also provides a cool blue effect. This filter is best used to enhance the color of the sky or water and is ideal for comprehensive landscape filtering.
  • Freewell Lens Cleaner – The lens cleaner is ideal for protecting the expensive camera lens from damage by dust, dirt, scratches, etc.

The Yuneec Grad Filter 3-Pack from Freewell helps you to give remarkable color and contrast effect to landscape images without the need to use expensive and complex editing software.

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